Php Scripts

PHP Scripts x

  • Atom Chat is a basic IRC like chat script with automatic emo conversion.
  • Browser Edit enables editing the current page directly inside the browser.
  • Click And Count counts how many times a link has been clicked.
  • Easy Access is a basic access control system.
  • Easy Comments adds simple inline comments to web pages.
  • Easy Journal provides minimalist blogging to post journal like entries.
  • Easy TTS adds high quality text to speech output to web pages.
  • Instant Minify attempts to minify files like CSS, JS, or HTML.
  • Live Shout adds a simple live shoutbox to web pages.
  • Register And Notify lets users register and receive update notifications.
  • Source View renders a source code view of the selected file with basic syntax highlightning.
  • Vanilla Stats is a basic visitor tracking script.

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