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Europa Quo Vadis

Where are Europe and the Euro heading? Will the European Union collapse in the wake of increasing problems to maintain its currency stable and reliable? The situation is dire, albeit the crisis isn't really so much about the currency itself. At least some of the member countries should have never been permitted to enter the club in the first place. They just don't have the required infrastructure. But well, Brussels is never short of paycheques. Basically, Europe means Germany and France. England never fully committed but that's a whole different story.

However, one must not forget that the Euro has manifested itself as an integral part of the global economy. Thus, its collapse would quite possibly trigger a snoball effect of international economic turmoil. Some may be thinking So what? The world was fine before the Euro, it'll be fine after. Not quite. International markets are rather sensitive to the pitfalls of a defaulting currency.

Time and again debts owed by various third world countries have been written off. Perhaps Europe should do just that for itself and simply erase all those silly figures. Who cares for numbers anyway? Common folks failing to pay their debts go to jail, governments get a bailout plus bonus. Business as usual. What's the point of shuffling around all those virtual fantasy bills if they only postpone the inevitable rather than solve the problem?

Maybe I should just start my own country. I'd be king and pawn at the same time. But wait, wouldn't that mean I had to work, pay taxes, and on top of that hardly kept enough to make ends meet? No, no, better just run for president, pocket the cash and leave the work and taxes to the dummies who so wisely cast theit votes. I love democracy.

Human Pestilence

Humanity is a word often spoken in close conjunction with the human race. However, while there actually may exist a handful of golden souls aiding a few others, the vast majority are of the greedy kind. Just one of the reasons for an ever increasing number of problems concerning the human race and nature itself. Ignorance is probably the strongest of all human instincts. Let us create an imaginary test world and throw in some upright walking dummies to substitute our test humans. We make it rain heavily to fill a couple of oceans, plant as many trees as we can and so on. So far, so good.

Next we inject a little intelligence and watch the movie. All is well, so it seems. The number of humans is yet too small to cause any serious damage. Unfortunately, they develop a heavy breeding habit before moving out into all directions. This temporarily reduces the local populations but will soon double back to critical mass.

From here it takes only a short moment to initiate the first primitive wars over territories. Unlike humans, animals hardly ever kill, except for feeding. Humans on the contrary have a tradition of self-extinction. The smarter they get, the more is the thrill to kill. At the end of our little experiment we have collected enough destructive potentials to blast the whole planet out of the universe.

For the time being campsites turn into villages, cities, Metropolis. Territories become kingdoms, states, countries. This is followed by the invention of currency and politics. This of course creates more problems. By now our test world is hopelessly over populated. What began as a small, local incident soon turns into all out war. One way to get rid of excess production.

Fast forward some 50 years. We dry most of the drinking water and call an immediate shortage of most other remaining resources. The rich fortify themselves, the poor mobilise millions of non-educated starving zombies. To make it a little more interesting, we rise the global temperature by two or three degrees. With the existing pollution this shall be quite sufficient to wreck havoc. The next morning the planet welcomes us with a massive cloud of debris and fallout. Maybe there will be a new human race, but that'll have to wait for the time being. If so, it is predetermined to turn into yet another pest rather than co-exist with nature before selfdestroying itself all over again. Game over.

Planet George

Planet George
The CNN Show - Lies And In Colour
Forget Hollywood! We Fake Better!

Social Hype

One doesn't seem to exist these days without a farse here and a bleep there unless you carry at least three gimmicks beginning with an i, as in idiot. Well, I perfectly do exist. Why would I waste my time with social crap? Escaping into cyberspace neither pays rent nor buys the bread. Jamming up a bunch of lines of social code is no magic. Fortuna on your side and BANG, yet another social nillionaire. Thing is, I'm not interested in the story of your life or your hair dresser's latest gossip. As simple as that, period.

Some extra cash is always nice but that doesn't require astronomic virtual bank accounts. It's a perfect mirror of society. Amazing how the internet transformed into anecdotes of hollow phrases. A global madhouse more than anything. If such is the future I'd rather opt out. The end of the world will come soon enough. For the grand social hype it may even come a click sooner, socially of course.

Unity Calendar

Have you ever wondered why our current calendar is like it is? Personally I find it most confusing having to figure out which day was on which date, or which month has exactly how many days over and over again. Well, I'm certainly not going to convince any of the expert gurus, to change the present layout, but perhaps you'll agree with the logic of with my slightly different approach. So here it is, my very own Unity Calendar.

Existing months January through December remain in place. An additional month, Unity, is added between December and January. Each month has 4 weeks with 7 days, resulting in 28 days per month. Multiplied by 13 months this gives a total of 364 days per year. An additional Unity Day, is added at the end of Unity to complete the 365 days cycle. In normal years Unity Day is followed by January the first, whereas in leap years it is followed by Unity Twins, which is then again followed by January the first.

For months from January through to December the layout would be identical as illustrated below. Since the same layout is shared across each month, they all begin on Monday 1, and end on Sunday 28. This should make planning ahead less of an headache as compared to the same date falling on different days each month, each year with the existing scheme. The only exception applies to the additional Unity month, which would see an extra Unity Day being added after 28, plus Unity Twins in leap years. However, since neither Unity Day, nor Unity Twins occupy a fixed date or day, they don't interfere with the layout.

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
    1   2   3   4   5   6   7
    8   9  10  11  12  13  14
   15  16  17  18  19  20  21
   22  23  24  25  26  27  28

Because the Unity Calendar doesn't have dates for 29, 30, and 31, existing birthdays would require adjusting. For someone born on either one of these days of any month of the existing calendar the new date would have to be switched. This could be accomplished by simply counting the missing days over into the next month.

If the birthday was January 29 the new date would be February the first, January 30 becomes February second, and so on. February 29 would become March first. December 29, 30, and 31 become Unity 1, 2, and 3. To simplify things regarding birthdays falling on Unity Twins, the date would be set as January first.

Time and the attempt trying to measure it is a human invention. Existing figures could be easily adjusted to match the Unity Calendar. However, I very much doubt my own little model would ever succeed in changing the established standards but am tempted to say it makes a lot more sense compared to the existing scheme.