Eco Tourists

Magic Merry-Go-Round

Those of us with origins in the so-called First World have a long tradition of pouring aid into the so-called Third World. Of course, we have an equal record of exploiting them.

The question arises whether it's bad to take advantage of superior education, better economy, or an efficient military to make things clear. Don't we practise exactly the same among ourselves?

Indeed we are trained to do so right from the very beginning. The weak go down, the strong go up. Are you prepared to give in, or rather seek to win? Honestly, any answer denying the latter would have to be a lie, period. Nobody likes to come second. It's simply not in our nature!

All begins with sound education, followed by a healthy economy, and only then, a capable body of armed forces. However, a million troops don't make you any stronger if the average IQ falls short of zero.

Without economy you would not even get that far in building such an army in the first place; and there wouldn't be any economy worth mentioning without a decent level of education.

The Less You Keep The More You Need

Lets continue the scenario with a second party. This one, after years of struggle and hard-ship, has left behind level zero. Education is well, the economy is sound, and thus, a strong military is on stand-by. If you were that party, would you not take advantage? Sure thing!

As for the other clan, we could simply file the matter under bad luck, you have been conquered. This may sound cynical, but such is life. To blame it on geographic misfortune doesn't make sense, and can't be the fault of the stronger.

The concept of all human beings is the same under any given circumstances: Survival! A favourable geographic location naturally helps, just like a difficult region may double the trouble.

However, the most favourable location won't be of much help to a primitive tribe, while even the most hostile environment bears little obstacle for the strong and advanced. Like Alexander so rightly said: Where there is no way, I shall find one!

With geography settled, lets agree that taking advantage is an integral part of our very species. The stronger, after having had a fair share of taking advantage, have come to understand that it might be a good idea to help the weaker.

Not just as an act of charity, but as an essential necessity. In fact, the stronger needs the weaker to prosper. There are certain limits though. Over the years the stronger are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the status quo.

Declining markets have lead to poor economies. At the same time, inbound traffic of (il)legal immigrants or so-called asylum seekers has risen dramatically. It is only understandable that a growing number of native citizens are becoming increasingly disturbed.

These are the perfect circumstances for all sorts of social evil. Poverty is no longer a privilege of the Third World. After almost a century of ill-planned pseudo aid, the very First World now holds a rather prominent share itself.

Instead of splashing out countless zillions to fatten some dumb dictator's regime, there ought to be some aiding at home first. One can only share from a sufficient surplus. Those, who really want to evolve and improve, and thus advance, always will.

Of course, any such requires work, and work, and yet some more, hard, very hard, work. Mind me, it's not my intention to flag the entire Third World a club of lazy beggars.

However, the better part of it certainly is, simply because it is so much easier to sit back and wait to be fed. Caution, spoiler alert: The more you feed, the more they weep. The less you keep, the more you need. And then what?

Dreamjob Immigrant

It would seem for all those so-called refugees that (il)legal immigration has become the new way of life, a real dreamjob. It would seem a trendy fashion to just stuff a bag or two and claim asylum in paradise; read: Europe.

Being born in Europe myself should make me a native European, right? Cool! Really? Actually, being a native European is becoming an increasing pain in the lower rear.

I'm already queuing up to claim (il)legal asshole status for my next reincarnation; just in case I happen to re-materialize in one or the other Third World sh*thole.

Sounds racist? Frankly, it doesn't take much racist these days to be sufficiently pi**ed off. This is not about alt or far right, or some wanna-be Nazi egg heads. It's plain common sense.

Legion after legion of eco tourists are stampeding the lands; conveniently so without papers, left alone visas. In fact, they don't even bring health insurance or a bus ticket. O' poor ye poor, how did ye ever get there?

Whether all that moving around is inspired by need or by greed, or is legal or illegal, would strongly depend one's point of view. The voyager's reply may well be ...because there is war, I must leave home..., whereas from the other side of the fence the argument may go like ...if it's so bad, why don't you change it?

When was the last time you did a full-scale exodus because your cat had caught a cold? Me either! Both versions have value. However, unless your planet is scheduled for instant annihilation there is absolutey no reason to pester about your neighbours.

Changing a whole society is quite tricky and has a rather poor track record. History is full of examples, including experiments, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, etc. Unless you clean up the mess wherever you call home, it will always remain a mess.

Things just don't get any better by walking away. The region had been amazingly stable; until some yankee doodle decided to make the world a better place; as in Coca Cola and MacDonalds. You are not really asking why, are you?

As for the numbers, I very much doubt there'd be any more than five percent of valid claims. The rest are just a bunch of rotten eco tourists, lazy losers, or sleepers you'd rather not wake. Well, and then there is the so-called religious aspect.

The differences between the Western and Arab worlds couldn't be greater. Where we consider democracy a noble treat, they find it a severe breach of protocol. Not surprisingly, because it doesn't really play well with dictators.

Where we are open-minded to adopt and progress, much of the Arab world appears locked in traditions from the beginning of time. In fact, they heavily rely on dictators because most ordinary folks are too dumb to think of their own anyway.

Democracy on the other hand makes it almost a mandatory requirement for people to do at least some thinking for themselves. If you so much hate us silly sinners and our blasphemous standards, why bother coming here in the first place?

Or is it, the twentyfirst century isn't all that bad after all? I mean, in the Western world. You know, evil, satan, Rolex, Ferrari? Get a life you dumb mother-effer!

Never Ending Story Or Total Annihilation

So, are those poor folks legal or illegal? Genuine immigrants, or just a bunch of rotten eco tourists? It may make sense with a relatively small number of applicants but is utterly useless given the current situation of millions.

That's when you really want to swap democracy for a decent dictator and give 'em a good old kick in the butt to settle the matter. The whole thing is organised top down and masterly organised.

It is no longer the question whether those people are legal or illegal, but about how much more Europe can take. Our social systems were primarily meant to take care of our own elderly and those in need.

It may be just my imagination, but I'm under the impression the deal has been sort of reversed. The better part of the system now seems to cater entirely for non-native recipients.

Too bad I was born a perfectly legal European; and a German, for the sh*t of it! Else, I might have liked free housing, tons of vouchers to grow a belly, time to miss my home, train my sleepers, or else just enjoy some state-sponsored vacations.

Trump Or Trumpet?

When I first learned about Donald Trump standing for the U. S. presidency I thought it was a joke. Turns out it wasn't. The man has actually beaten all the nay sayers and taken office. So what's next?

Will he be pressing all the wrong buttons to get rid of a few spare nukes? Build a phantastic great wall to protect the American dream? What's that anyway? Or how about some ethnic cleansing to make room for a new tower with a luxury parking lot?

Whatever the reality at the end of his term; if he can manage to prevent being impeached halfway through; I'd say it's quite possible this is only the beginning of the end of the self-proclaimed ruler of the universe.

While I do favour some of his points, I can't help marvelling how an apparent business genius reveals himself as such a political idiot. Things just don't work like that anymore; unless of course you really are prepared to light up the crackers.

I'm tempted to say, this whole thing is getting more and more ridiculous the longer it lasts. The Yankees may have had plenty of poor leaders in the past, but at least we didn't have tweety or ominous red buttons back then. Albeit, I sort of fancy the idea to dust some give or take 8 billion viruses off the planet. Never mind I'm one of 'em.